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Have your foot evaluated by a professional that deals with sports medicine to figure out what category of shoe you need. This is particularly important if you are suffering from injuries. Fit your Black Orange Purple Cheap Women New Black Friday Nike Air Max 2015 UK at the end of the day. Better yet, fit it after a run to simulate how large your foot will be when you purchase it. If you have orthotics or generic supports bring them with you on your fit.


The shape of your arch helps determine whether you pronate (roll to the inside of the foot), supinate (roll to the outside of the foot) or remain pretty neutral when you run. Supinators (sometimes called underpronators) are rare. Many more people overpronate, which can lead to lots of overuse injuries. Get to know your arch, if a person has really flat feet, they’re going to need more of a stability New Discount Sapphire Blue Fluorescent Green Cyber Monday Nike Flyknit Air Max UK but with a higher arch, they’ll need more of a Deep blue White Cheap Men UK Nike Air Max 90 Mid NO SEW.

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